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Taipei Customs Bureau made an announcement that Inventec Solar Energy Corporation (ISEC) had registered to be a bonded factory. The Deputy Chief, Shui-Ji Zhoung and the leader of the bonded team in the Bureau led a team to visit ISEC in order to assume control of the management of bonded affairs on June, 17th 2011. Not only the Bureau checked the inventory and inspected the production lines, the Bureau also hosted the opening ceremony. The ceremony was simple yet with solemnity. ISEC bonded factory is a capital-intensive industry that manufactures crystalline-based solar cells with highly consistent and automated production lines in Taiwan, and it also adds new force to the registered solar bonded factories in the Bureau.

The Bureau had pointed that compare to the 152 registered bonded factories in June 2010, the number had increased to 160 in June 2011, including 9 factories in solar industry. The 9 factories had formed a complete bonded supply chain from the upstream factories producing conductive paste, other raw materials and components, to solar cells, modules and installers.

The Bureau had indicated that by becoming a bonded factory, it could accelerate cargo clearance, save taxes, lower operation overhead, improve logistics efficiency thus increase the competitiveness globally. This tax reduction policy is well acclaimed among industries and well-known international companies were attracted to participate. The Bureau will uphold the spirit of consistent service and assist all bonded factories to expand sales abroad with the target of rooted in Taiwan, connected to Asia Pacific and expanded worldwide.

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