NEWS:Taiwan rises to a global player in the PV industry

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Taiwan solar industry, which maps from wafers to cells and modules to complete PV systems, the entire product range, has worked his way up last year to second place behind world leader in China. With a long tradition in the electrical industry, many Taiwanese companies poised to be reported in the high technology sector PV success stories.

solar energy at affordable prices in every home

On the trade fair Intersolar 2011 in Munich, presented by the various companies from Taiwan. In Germany, they are represented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The Panel was established in 1970 to support Taiwan’s foreign trade and competitiveness in world markets. TAITRA is jointly supported by the government and business associations in Taiwan and worldwide access to the international economy.

Inventec Corporation is a Solar Energy in 2010, founded by Inventec Group of companies. President Harry Hsieh is confident that “bring in 10 to 20 years, solar energy at affordable prices in every household”. The end of 2011, the company will begin the mass production of the order of 300 MW, a significant increase from 180 MW last year, and that in 2012, quadruple to 1.2 GW per year. Among the features of the Inventec products include the high standard of quality, cost-efficiency and outstanding efficiency. Still, the company exports more than half of its products to China, 40 percent are marketed in their own market. As of 2012, according to Hsieh, the company plans to turn even the Italian and German PV market.

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"Greener Innovations That's Taiwan" to Provide Window onto Taiwan's Solar Power Industry

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Munich (ots) - Leaders in Taiwan's solar power sector discuss industry trends as well Taiwan's role in the field With a well-established photovoltaic supply chain covering wafers, cells, and modules, Taiwan stands poised to become one of the premier PV manufacturing hubs of Asia. In 2010, Taiwan's production of PV cells totaled 3.5GWp with an annual growth of over 80%, performing the best of all of the island's PV-related products and putting Taiwan at second in the world. "Greener Innovations That's Taiwan" at Intersolar 2011 invites leaders in Taiwan's solar power sector to share their perspectives on this rapidly expanding industry as well as to provide a look at their individual companies. By visiting "Greener Innovations That's Taiwan", you can discover the ins and outs of Taiwan's PV sector as well as how to do business with the "PV Island of the World".

"Greener Innovations That's Taiwan" will also include a presentation by Inventec Solar Energy Corporation (ISEC) president, Mr. Harry Hsieh. ISEC was established in 2010 by the Inventec Group, which has a longstanding reputation in the electronics and IT industries. Having accumulated a great knowledge of end-products design and manufacturing, the company decided it was time to move into the clean energy industry. Inventec Solar Energy has since taken on the mission of making solar energy the most popular and widespread green power generation technology in use. By the end of 2011, Inventec Solar Energy Corporation will begin mass production of 300 MW capacity, with expansion to 1.2 GW in 2012.The company's sophisticated production plan is being implemented by a team of highly-experienced individuals with backgrounds in both the semiconductor and solar power industries. Among the merits Inventec's products offer are high quality standards, cost- effectiveness, and outstanding conversion efficiency. The company is well on its way to realizing its goal of bringing affordable clean energy to every household on the planet.

Taiwan rises to a global player in the PV industry